The utmost satisfaction that the team has is getting the trophy of any Key tournament of CSGO. At the end of a marathon that began long before seated in front of a display and beginning to capture, a catharsis of delight, tears and satisfaction is achieved for accomplishing glory in the maximum global Counter Strike csgo levels of competition.

The guidelines established inside the greatest competition on this well-known game, have been up to now a discord in between the planners, the groups, the spectators and also Valve him self.

Of course, if the global circumstance that is certainly becoming knowledgeable as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can also be mixed, it provides compelled Device to help make alterations in both times and classification techniques for the next ESL 1 celebration in Rio de Janeiro, which will be rescheduled to the 30 days of November 2020.

In between May possibly 21 and 24 of this 12 months, the Brazilian Significant of CSGO was planned, who got established the level of millions of bucks to spread the best groups of the Control device Shooter on the planet.

As compensation to the date transform, which can certainly be from November 19 to 22, the ESL One out of Brazil will twice the honor and today two zillion bucks will probably be spread. An extremely appealing prize for the participating teams.

Nonetheless, within the most up-to-date newsletter on the Counter Strike established weblog, the crews will need to be eligible yet again in local tournaments, to generate the position for the Rio de Janeiro occasion. Including the teams that had gained the job based on the position obtained within the StarLadder Berlin Significant in 2019 must meet the requirements again.

These local CSGO tournaments must adhere to specific polices to be considered as getting qualified tournaments. They ought to make wedding invitations to the peak ranked groups within a location. Also, they must make open qualifiers all through the teams.

The amount of 24 teams will go to ESL One out of Rio de Janeiro symbolizing six territories. Invitations for the tournament will be provided depending on the overall performance with your place along with the location using the maximum performance will receive by far the most invites.